Are Frequent Flyer Programs Still Worthwhile?

Is it time to write the obituary for the frequent flyer mile? If you believe the mainstream media, and even some frequent flyers, the answer would seem to be "Yes." But what do Roger and Randy think?
Randy Peterson

Randy Petersen

Okay Roger, let's be on record here that you are the one that introduced this topic, so if it gets lengthy (and of course informative) it is all your fault.

This is one of the most interesting topics of the day as what seems like a growing number of travelers - being lead by some of the media - represent the view that their miles are not worth as much and for those that earn some, many or most...
Roger Collis

Roger Collis

Okay, it’s all my fault. But the question ‘Are FFPs really worth all the toil and trouble?’ is not something that the ‘media’ has dreamed up, but by the growing number of complaints I get from disgruntled frequent fliers.
Here is a recent exchange from my Q&A column:
Omri Katz, Tel Aviv:
Q: As an El Al frequent flier member, I recently booked four roundtrip ‘bonus’ tickets to the United...