Tips and Tricks to Make You a Better Driver

It’s fairly easy to learn how to drive. But to be a good driver is something else. It’s everyone’s responsibility to be safe while on the road. Driving requires a certain level of skills, knowledge, and confidence. Of course, the experience will definitely help as well.

Just like what they always say, practice makes perfect. But knowledge will definitely take you places. Here are some tips and tricks that you should you about safe, responsible, and defensive driving that you can use at all times.

1. Be familiar with your set of wheels.

The wheels move the car in a particular direction. It’s important that you get the feel of the wheels of your car until you have a level of spatial awareness about it. If you know what’s happening with your wheels, then you’ll have better road control. If you have an idea where the wheels of your car are at, then you won’t fall in a rut or a pothole. You’ll also prevent bumps and scratches.

2. Dry the brakes if you drive through a puddle

Driving through a puddle is a common accident. But not all drivers know that they must dry their brakes when they do. Do it by repeatedly stepping on the gas pedal. That will dry the brakes faster while also helping avoid water from getting into the ignition system.

3. Learn when to stop properly when parking the car

You might have been taught how to park your car correctly. But do you also know when to do so? There’s a right way to park if you’re going to make parallel parking. If you know when to stop, then you’ll make parallel parking a lot easier.

4. Practice driving in less than ideal road conditions and bad weather.

You might be a good driver when it’s bright and sunny outside or if the road is smooth. But what if it’s raining or there are a lot of bumps on the road. Would you still be a confident driver as you think you are? Rain may pour on you at any time and you may likely encounter bad road conditions if you’re trekking an unknown area. You want to be prepared for all of these so you won’t panic on the wheel. Practice driving in these conditions with your driving instructor or a seasoned driver.

5. Adjust your rear-view mirror to match the time.

All rearview mirrors have this level that you must adjust to day mode or night mode, depending what time you’re driving. Pulling down the lever changes the angle of the mirror so that you can drive during the day and at night safely.

These are the things that you should follow if you want to become a better driver. For more driving tips and tricks, enroll in a reputable driving school Fresno. That way, you’ll learn everything about driving safely regardless of what the road condition, weather, or situation is like. Everyone can be a good driver. All it takes is knowledge, skills, and experience.